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Wacky Baby ID 501

tren-ah said: You stopped updating your SS501 blog D:

Yes, unfortunately, and I am sorry for it ;___;

I have not stopped loving them - I don’t think I can - but it’s just I cannot find the time like I used to, scanning magazines page by page and such.

I still buy their releases, I still spazz about them, I still support them in anyway I can, but I don’t think I can return to scanning/tumblring too soon.

Once again, I apologize.  There’s nothing I wanted from providing scans and caps except to share the love.

Please keep on loving and supporting them.  

You guys are the prettiest <3


No, fangirling life has not ended.

It’s just that I had some problems with my DVD drive.  But I’ve got a new one, so hopefully moreSS501screencaps coming your way.  And I’ve pre-ordered my copy ofYoungsaeng’s comeback record - have you pre-ordered yours?

In the mean time, if I’m not here, probably I’m spamming my other tumblr - yunhokick- with scans/screencaps of my other interests, such asLUNA SEA,Fahrenheit, &c. So if you like them too, meet me there?



Various pictures of Jungmin from the set of Fondant Garden

Jungmin and his fellow cast of Fondant Garden.
From *fans magazine

Jungmin and his fellow cast of Fondant Garden.

From *fans magazine


(pt II) Jungmin in Trendy vol 34

OK… marry me.



(pt I) Jungmin in Trendy vol. 34

Just… take me out to a ball in that outfit will ya.



Hey… is that Hyungjun in the last screencap?  Kidding :P


Leader’s answer to the question “What do you think when comparing the seas in Korea and in Bali?”  4D as EVER.


Shooting’s over, it’s a wrap, but Jungmin doesn’t want to get separated with Ken-chan and the other staff yet! Hehehe!

Hope somehow this cute sad face chases your Monday blues away :)


Do you think it’s enough for Leader just to say ‘Take this’ while proposing to you? :D