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Long time no see, pretties

Hi pretties. What’s up. 

Sorry, I know I have been abandoning this blog for so long! But I’m sure that there are a lot of you pretties out there who always keep fellow pretties updated. I know I have been helped a lot by some of you too!

I now live in Japan, and although I don’t update it here (once again I apologise), I went to see Hyungjun in his concert once and his instore event once. As for Jungmin… I went to five of his concerts and have had the chance to finger-lock with him seven times^^

The last time I saw Jungmin was during his instore events for Summer Break earlier this month (too bad I could not go to Summer Break concerts this time). So I bought two CDs to get a chance to hi-touch with him twice. The events were supposed to be ‘hi-touch’ events, but Jungmin really did not mind - he never minds - if you finger-lock with him! And he always listens to what you say intently while looking at you… and memorizing you!

When it’s my turn, I said to him “Aku cinta kamu" (I love you) to him. He laughed and he said the same thing to me. I went to the end of the line to take my second hi-touch turn, and almost 200 people later, as I approached him again, before I could say anything, he said "Aku cinta kamu! Aku cinta kamu!" twice! He remembered me! I was just so happy!

This actually had happened too during one of the instore events for Save Us Tonight. Our Minnie just has a very strong memory! Sometimes he tried to speak English with me too, once promising that he would one day return to Indonesia.

Minnie time and again just shows why he deserves to be loved!


Wacky Baby ID 501

tren-ah said: You stopped updating your SS501 blog D:

Yes, unfortunately, and I am sorry for it ;___;

I have not stopped loving them - I don’t think I can - but it’s just I cannot find the time like I used to, scanning magazines page by page and such.

I still buy their releases, I still spazz about them, I still support them in anyway I can, but I don’t think I can return to scanning/tumblring too soon.

Once again, I apologize.  There’s nothing I wanted from providing scans and caps except to share the love.

Please keep on loving and supporting them.  

You guys are the prettiest <3


No, fangirling life has not ended.

It’s just that I had some problems with my DVD drive.  But I’ve got a new one, so hopefully moreSS501screencaps coming your way.  And I’ve pre-ordered my copy ofYoungsaeng’s comeback record - have you pre-ordered yours?

In the mean time, if I’m not here, probably I’m spamming my other tumblr - yunhokick- with scans/screencaps of my other interests, such asLUNA SEA,Fahrenheit, &c. So if you like them too, meet me there?



Various pictures of Jungmin from the set of Fondant Garden

Jungmin and his fellow cast of Fondant Garden.
From *fans magazine

Jungmin and his fellow cast of Fondant Garden.

From *fans magazine


(pt II) Jungmin in Trendy vol 34

OK… marry me.



(pt I) Jungmin in Trendy vol. 34

Just… take me out to a ball in that outfit will ya.



Hey… is that Hyungjun in the last screencap?  Kidding :P


Leader’s answer to the question “What do you think when comparing the seas in Korea and in Bali?”  4D as EVER.


Shooting’s over, it’s a wrap, but Jungmin doesn’t want to get separated with Ken-chan and the other staff yet! Hehehe!

Hope somehow this cute sad face chases your Monday blues away :)